Working with VC Design

A full and comprehensive service can be provided ranging from the preparation of initial design proposals through to the handover of the finished project. However, you are free to tailor a package of services to suit your requirements. 

Our Developer Clients, who are well versed in the appointment and monitoring of Contractors, may only use us for design and Planning advise and drawings, but for residential clients where the procedure of a construction project is perhaps unfamiliar, our assistance can be beneficial throughout the entire process, from inception to completion

Design Brief Meeting

Regardless of the nature of the project, most prospective Clients have a good idea of what they want a project to provide, but need guidance as to the best way of achieving it. We offer a no obligation first meeting to discuss the project, this allows us to assess the feasibility of the project, and any influencing features. Thereafter, a bespoke quotation will be prepared for consideration.

We do not charge on a percentage basis, but rather fixed fees broken down into the following stages:
Site Survey and Scheme Design

Once instructed we visit to undertake a measured survey of the building or site and then produce to scale drawings on which to base a scheme design which satisfies the design brief and is considerate of the project budget, whilst being mindful of relevant Planning Policy.

We feel 3D sketches (usually hand drawn) are the best way to communicate initial ideas. Sketch schemes can range for a minimum of 3 to say 8 depending on the complexity of the brief, and we will then meet again to discuss these alternatives. After due consideration and perhaps exploring further alternatives, an agreed scheme will be drawn up in plans and elevations for your final approval. Budgets can be obtained from friendly builders even at this stage. 
Planning Application

We submit a suitable planning application for the project, accompanied by a planning statement if in a conservation area. Submissions are made on-line, (no printing or postage costs!) and include liaison with the Councils planning team. We have a proven track record of successfully obtaining planning approval with all Authorities in the area. In Richmond alone, we have had over 120 successful Applications in 9 years, and many more in neighbouring boroughs, but also as far afield as Hampshire and Berkshire.
Working Drawings

Once Planning consent is obtained we prepare a package of working drawings. These are used to demonstrate Building Regulation compliance, obtain quotations and ultimately to construct the works. This is a key stage of the process, as an accurate and comprehensive set of working drawings can pay huge dividends at construction stage, by allowing the Contractor to achieve consistent and unhindered progress. We will together go through lighting and electrical layouts too at this stage.
Building Regulation Approval

The completed package of working drawings and supporting information is submitted to the Local Authority for Building Regulations Approval. This service also includes any necessary liaison with the Building Control Staff to achieve approval.
Schedule of Works

In conjunction with the working drawings, a schedule of works is prepared. As well as describing the construction, the schedule will also contain your choice of finishes, fixtures and fittings, personalising the project to suit your specific requirements. A schedule of works will also contain a pricing breakdown, so that all tenders are easily comparable

Tendering/Contractor Appointment

By either negotiating with a preferred contractor or using our list of approved contractors whom we have successfully worked with in the past, a contractor will be procured. A tender return appraisal then provides a summary and comparison of the tender offers, allowing a contractor to be selected and contract documents to be drawn up.
Contract Administration/Works Monitoring

Periodic site visits ensure that the works are undertaken in accordance with the drawings and to a suitable standard of workmanship. We can administer the terms of the contract by offering a full project management service, but on the whole out clients are satisfied to be present on site, just calling us in where there may be further queries, or perhaps settling the final account, snagging list, and monitoring the defects liability period.

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